Poem: I’m sorry

How it feels to long to hold the baby you’ll never have Sure they’ll be others Sure they’ll be a one day But they’ll never be her. They’ll never be your first. What it means to love someone who will never breathe a breath And what it means to regret

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Poem: Unmystified

I hoped that trip to save my faith. I thought giving my everything would renew my beliefs. I thought hearing the stories of god’s power would hold me to the throne. I thought I would witness miracles. I thought my god would move mountains. But at every turn I saw his weakness, And his pride,…

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Poem: Indulge

Not running away from the pain is the bravest thing I’ve ever done– Choosing against addiction Choosing against obsession Choosing against rage Choosing against self-destruction. It seems obvious, but when faced with the unthinkable, it’s the embrace of an escape, the whisper on my shoulder, the promise of forgetfulness, and this ledge I come back…

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Poem: thin lines

It’s hard to love your body when it’s the reason: repeated repeated repeated repeated damage and transgressions. It’s hard to not want– claw shred rip –your own skin off with shining acrylic nails, a coffin shape, etched to kill. Or make yourself unappealing— to get so fat averted eyes protect your dignity— or conversely to…

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