Welcome to My World


This is my writing blog, geared toward readers and fellow writers of Fiction and Poetry. I’ve been writing since I was six years old (I recall my first story being about a family of penguins). I am excited to start sharing my work with readers and friends. Feel free to share anything you’ve enjoyed here, with credit to my name and authorship.

I’ll be updating the blog every Sunday with either works of poetry or snippets of fictional pieces I’m working on. Currently, I’m writing a young adult fiction novel  (called Velvet and Ink) and will be posting small teasers and snippets of that on here as well as other short works of fiction. I might randomly through in a post or two between Sundays with random thoughts or creative exercises I enjoyed.

I am always open to fellow writers sharing their works with me, and with the author’s permission and if I enjoy it and feel readers will also enjoy it, I will be sharing those works here as well, with credit to the appropriate author(s). Please feel free to submit your works to my email with a brief author bio.

Finally, I will be posting personal non-fiction pieces about my life and my struggles and my unique perspective. I hope my experiences will be not only enjoyable to read but also something to stir your thoughts.

Please note that while some of the pieces posted on here have been through the editing process, a lot of it will be raw, as I’m trying to post new material weekly to keep me writing, so be ready for some messy stuff.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you’ll join me over the next year and beyond.

Peace and love friends,
Kariana “Kay” Anderson