Life Update: Magnificent Mondays

Hello beautiful people!

I apologize for my hiatus. It’s been awhile since I’ve consistently posted, but that is changing this month. I am moving my weekly post date to Monday’s! Starting August 19th, you’ll see regular posts by yours truly. I’ve got a lot of great stuff in the works, and I’m so excited for you to join me.

Starting the end of September, I’ll be adding a podcast of every post, so if you’re not much of a reader but want to follow my work, you will have the option to hear that week’s poem/short story/etc.

Additionally, I’ve joined Patreon. It’s a website for artists and patrons to come together to make the creative world come to life. The goal is to afford me some financial freedom, so I can focus more wholly on my creativity. Head here to join me in that endeavor:

As always, I’m so thankful for your readership, and I hope you stick with me as I gear back up in my creative escapades. Thank you for being patient. Please reach out if you have questions, want to read more, want to shoot me some feedback, or want to just say hello.

Don’t forget to share my posts to help support your favorite local starving artist.

Much love,


Kariana Michelle Life Update Patreon

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