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Poem: I’m sorry

How it feels to long to hold the baby you’ll never have Sure they’ll be others Sure they’ll be a one day But they’ll never be her. They’ll never be your first. What it means to love someone who will never breathe a breath And what it means to regret

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Poem: Indulge

Not running away from the pain is the bravest thing I’ve ever done– Choosing against addiction Choosing against obsession Choosing against rage Choosing against self-destruction. It seems obvious, but when faced with the unthinkable, it’s the embrace of an escape, the whisper on my shoulder, the promise of forgetfulness, and this ledge I come back…

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Poem: thin lines

It’s hard to love your body when it’s the reason: repeated repeated repeated repeated damage and transgressions. It’s hard to not want– claw shred rip –your own skin off with shining acrylic nails, a coffin shape, etched to kill. Or make yourself unappealing— to get so fat averted eyes protect your dignity— or conversely to…

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Poem: Wolves in our Closet

13 years of memories, I count and shovel through Recounting your transgressions and tallying the lies, And the multitude of times You looked me in the eyes Without a hint of the dirt Piled in your mind. No twitch of regret, no downcast gaze, Just a smile and a nod, A hand reached out To…

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Poem: Your Name

Like a dirty word, Like an accusation, Like an insult, Like a crime. I hear it, and it’s like being punched in the throat, Like being slit from breast to navel, Like being startled to A heart attack, Like having someone leap From around a corner. How my entire body Jolts, Intestines to stomach and lungs to…

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Poem: Psychopaths and Socrates

We aren’t supposed to stare at the wall while we think. Philosophers and great thinkers stare at ceilings and stars, engrossed in the answers to the universe. Only psychopaths stare at walls. We cannot be bothered to turn our heads to heaven. Because the walls have answers heaven can’t provide. The wall holds secrets of…

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